Darwin’s Island: Mobile App

Darwin's Island is a game for Android which promots user interactivity with the world around them. It is a game that takes advantage of modern technology and promots user interactivity with the world around them. SSIDs generate random objects for the user to collect and add to their personal "islands" to acheive a balanced ecosystem of herbivors, carnivors, and plants. The user must maintain a balanced ecosystem on the island. Creatures live off the island feeding off of plants, or other creatures depending on their diet. Users are rewarded for the amount of items collected or tasked completed on the island and can also trade with other players. This was a group project done for the Masters of Digital Media Program.This was a group project completed for the Masters of Digtial Media program.

Along with a team of artists, I created art assets using illustrator. I focuses on the user interface art assets, and also worked on elements of the island.

Working in a group of artists, there was a lot of simultaneous art creation. As a result, I learned a lot about group work. Working with user interface also let me explore layouts on a mobile platform.

darwin10 darwin06 darwin04 darwin03 darwin02 darwin01