DreamRider Theatre: Interactive Narrative

In collaboration with DreamRider Theatre, our team translated live plays into digital form, capturing the energy and interactivity of the group's environmental messages. Combining animation, interative mini games and written pledges, users are engaged into a narrative while learning about behavioural changes they can take into their everyday lives. A database was also implemented to provide numerical data of these changes.

As Project Manager for this team, I oversaw scheduling and delegation of tasks for our six team group. I also worked as a communication point between faculty, the client and our team. I also took on part of the programming role, implementing and coding all Flash elements. Lastly, I created art assets and coding for all the points of user interaction.

This project was an incredibly rewarding experience as I learned a lot about managing a team, planning, scheduling and communication. I gained a lot of leadership experience and got a first hand experience at a different workflow.

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