University of Alberta Web Mocks

Mockups and implementation for the University of Alberta. The proposed redesign mockups were done using html and css. This was an interesting process as there was strict guides on the visual identity, placement, and content to be used. Working closely with the client really assisted in making the process run smoothly.

Information on the University of Alberta website was divided according to relevant user groups in order to filter out information irrelevant to other groups and results in easier navigation. The second level of the University of Alberta's website redesign references the main page without being too repetitive. All different user groups are easily accessible on the top of each page to allow the user to easily explore different pages.

I worked with the design and layout of the website as well as the coding and linking of pages.

This was a first attempt at website design using only css and html. Working solely with html and css, it was interesting to see the different results during browser testing. I learned a lot about the structure of different internet browsers and how to design for each./p>

(Note that all photos used were found images, and I neither own them or their rights. They were used by permission of the University of Alberta)

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Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.20.41 PM